Subcritical extraction


Crushing is done on the raw material.


Extraction by subcritical water.


Evaporation, under vacuum, to concentrate the extract.


Spray by atomization or vacuum drying.

An innovative eco-responsible process

Exinnov uses a unique and patented process to extract subcritical water that goes deep into plants to recover highly active substances.

This innovative and environmentally friendly process does not use alcoholic or toxic solvents and reduces water consumption up to ten times compared to a conventional process, thus protecting the most precious of our resources.

Exinnov is equipped with advanced production equipment, an extruder capable of extracting subcritical water, tanks of heating and vacuum mixtures, an atomizer, decanter, filtration and ultrafiltration, evaporation under vacuum … We can carry out all types of tailor-made extracts (dry and liquid extracts, hydroglycerin extracts, floral waters and vegetable butters), including the supply of plants, but also contract farming, thanks to strong partnerships with recognized players in the supply of quality plants.


Extracts acclaimed by consumers.

Based in the west of France, in the town of Melle, Exinnov combines the research programs of the University of Poitiers with the Tournay family, which has been active in plant extracts for more than 25 years. Acquired in 2018, the factory has been the subject of numerous investments to develop and produce innovative extracts concentrated in active ingredients.

Switch to eco-responsible extracts.

Consumption patterns are evolving more and more towards natural and organic products. Exinnov offers you the opportunity to play a leading role in this change.

We offer a wide range of plant extracts, focused on locally grown plants like vine and pine, for extracts rich in polyphenols, or plants from more distant origins like our extracts of ginger, harpagophytum, desmodium recognized for their health properties. We always guarantee the traceability of our products.


Controls and analyzes

Rigorous quality control.

At Exinnov, each batch is released following rigorous controls. Our modern laboratory allows us to perform advanced analyzes. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, HPLC and spectrophotometer, we guarantee the content of active molecules in our extracts and carry out a bacteriological control on each production meeting the most demanding standards. Choosing Exinnov extracts guarantees a quality extract for your customers and a healthy product for the consumer.

Food supplement, Cosmetics, Animal feed, Biocontrol.

Our plant extracts in powders or liquid extracts can be used for food supplements, cosmetics and animal health products. We can adapt to specific specifications, to facilitate the integration of our extracts into your formulations, in dry or liquid form.